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Chambers County, AL

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Chambers County - A County with a Passion for It's History!

One of the best known landmarks in Chambers County is Little Nadine's Dollhouse in Oakwood Cemetery in Lanett. The dollhouse was built over her grave for Little Nadine Earles after her death in 1933 at the age of four. She wanted a dollhouse ! The inscription on her grave reads "Me want it now." It has even appeared in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not book.

Chambers County

Chambers County was created on Dec. 18, 1832 from the eastern section of Alabama on the Georgia State line. The County was named for Dr. Henry Chambers of Virginia. The county is bound on the north by Randolph County, on the east by Georgia ( the Chattahoochee River is the eastern boundary for about twenty miles), on the west by Tallapoosa County and in Dec. of 1866 the lower part of Chambers County was put into a new county named Lee. The County Seat is LaFayette. The cemeteries in Chambers County range from one grave to huge city or community cemeteries. The smaller ones are usually on private property back in the woods. The Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance and interested citizens of Chambers and descendants of many of the Pioneer Families are working together to compile listings and photographs of all Chambers County Cemeteries. Many of the 200 known cemeteries have been located and transcribed, many have been put online or published in books or periodicals. If you know of a cemetery, we would like to hear from you. Any information, no matter how small will help. Your information could lead to an unknown or undocumented cemetery that needs protecting.

Cemeteries in Need

We have several cemeteries in need of care and protection and step need to be taken to assure their preservation. Below are just a few of these neglected cemeteries in peril.

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Some Cemeteries in Peril

Story or description of the above pictured cemeteries goes here.

Join Hands with the ACPA

If you have a project already underway to restore a cemetery we would like to hear from you. There is a location on the ACPA web site to feature "Cemetery Restoration Projects" (in pictures and narration). We would very much like to include your restoration project in this section for others to see how it's all done and to encourage them in their own future projects.

County Restoration Projects

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