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Melinda Blankenship

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Talladega County, AL

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Hello, I'm Melinda Blankenship
It is my pleasure to server you as the
ACPA Talladega Country Representative.
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Welcome the New ACPA Talladega County Rep!

We are happy to announce that Melinda Blankenship has been appointed as the ACPA Talladega County Representative. Melinda is in the process of updating this page. Inquiries are welcome. You may contact Melinda by clicking the ACPA MAIL CENTER link above, or the CONTACT US link on the ACPA Home Page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief History of Talladega County - Talladega County was created December 18, 1832, when Indian lands in eastern Alabama were divided into nine counties, one of these being Talladega. Many settlers located in Talladega County prior to the Creek Treaty of 1832, with evidence of earliest occupation in 1716. With the advent of the 1832 Treaty and the January, 1834, establishment of the land office in Mardisville, Talladega County became home to thousands of emigrants from places like Virginia and South Carolina, to name a few. The town of Talldadega,the county seat,was incorporated on January 9, 1835, and is situated some 5 miles from the site of the Mardisville land office. Other prinicipal towns in Talladega County include Sylacauga, Childersburg and Winterboro. The citizens of Talladega County are proud of the history, heritage and beauty of our fair county and it is with this pride that we work toward the goal of saving our precious cemetery heritage. Talladega County has close to 300 cemeteries and it is our duty to see that our forefathers rest in dignity and peace. Our ancestors were pioneers and they sacrified much for the future of their descendants. We must pay them homage and respect due to them by preserving their last and final resting place.

Your County Guide

As the ACPA Talladega County Representative, it is my mission and purpose to assist you in your endeavor to restore, preserve and adopt a cemetery in our beloved county. I will be happy to guide you and help provide on-line assistance and information to Talladega County citizens and businesses who have the desire to participate in this worthy cause. Whether you are an individual, a family, an organization or business, you can adopt a cemetery in need in your area. If you know of an obsecure or little-known cemetery in our county, I would like to hear from you.

Cemeteries in Need

Currently we have several cemeteries in need of care and protection and steps need to be taken to assure their preservation. Please call or e-mail me with you concerns and I also want to hear from regarding projects already underway to restore old sites. A Cemetery Restoration Project section is included this site. I invite you to use this section to "show and tell" about cemetery restoration and preservation projects you know about. Sharing your process will help all us to learn and grow in our mission.

Mardisville Community Cemetery - Badly Neglected
Moberley Bottoms Cemetery - Badly Neglected
Moxley Cemetery - Original Site of Lebanon Baptist Church - Badly Neglected

William Morriss Cemetery - Badly Neglected

Join Hands

Please join me and the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance as we "join hands" to preserve an important part of Talladega County History. Not only will you be able to find the information and tools that you need to establish Perpetual Care for your cemetery, restore it's broken monuments, and find out ways to protect your cemetery from vandals, but you will be able to Register your cemetery with the ACPA, here on this site. Please "join hands" as an individual or as part of a cemetery association to make a difference in Talladega County.