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Welcome to Mobile County. Mobile County is the second largest of the 67 counties in the state of Alabama with a population of 399,000. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total of 1614 square miles, 1233 square miles are land and 411 square miles are water. Only two Alabama counties border Mobile; Washington County on the North and Baldwin County on the East. Three Mississippi counties border Mobile on the West - Greene, George and Jackson. Mobile has been declared a disaster area three times in the past 50 years by the Federal government with Hurricane Camille in 1969, Hurricane Frederick in 1979 and again with Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Despite these catastrophes, the economy continues to benefit from the activity of the Port of Mobile and is home to two Wildlife Refuge Areas - Bon Secour and Grand Bay. Both the city and the county derive the name from Fort Louis de la Mobile, a French fortification near Mt Vernon in 1702. The word mobile is believed to come from a Choctaw Indians word for paddlers or a native Indian tribe called Maubila. During its period of French control the city was the capital of the colony of Louisiana and home to the nation's first Mardi Gras parade in 1704.


As the ACPA Mobile County Representative, along with the assistance of my best friend, Paula Lewis Wilson, my goal is to record all of the cemeteries in Mobile County. The United States Geological Survey officially recognizes 77 cemeteries in Mobile County. The Historical Atlas of Alabama, Volume 2, Cemetery locations by County - published by W. Craig Remington at the University of Alabama recognizes those 77 plus 62 other known and plotted cemeteries, 12 plotted but unknown and 26 unplotted and unknown cemeteries. This is a total of 191 somewhat known cemeteries. There are, however, several not recognized anywhere as of yet. I can personally vouch for locating 3 cemeteries not listed on any map and noting at least 2 of Mr. Remington's plotted but unknown cemeteries. Paula can claim the same if not more. That gives at this count 197. We, Paula and I, would love to assist individuals or organizations in adopting cemeteries for the purpose of restoring and preserving them. In many of our cemeteries that appear to be abandoned, we witness the results of neglect, vandalism and the ravages of time and weather. We are attempting to make a difference in saving the rich history and heritage of our cemeteries and you, as an individual, can too. We will gladly provide on-line assistance and information to Mobile County citizens who would like to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. This may be your opportunity to act as a responsible community citizen or group, to take up the cause for these places in peril.


The citizens of Mobile County are proud of the history, heritage and beauty of our county and it is with this feeling of pride that we work toward the goal of saving our cemetery heritage. We must preserve a resting place of dignity and peace to those dear ancestors who sacrificed so much for our future. These are only a few of our precious cemeteries in dire need of help.

Shadowland Cemetery
Churchman Cemetery
Lister-Hudgens Cemetery

Lewis Family Cemetery
Axis Cemetery
Bouden Cemetery


Cady Cemetery is a small family cemetery in the Wilmer community. Robert Cady, a 65 year old man, owns the property surrounding this small cemetery. Ten is the total number of burials here, with several of these remaining unmarked. Mr. Cady has, over the years and continues to do so, provide markers for those family members buried there. I was congenially invited to a family clean-up day after contacting Mr. Cady by mail. Through the efforts of this dedicated man and his family, this small cemetery will persevere.


Paula and I, along with the entire Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance, would like for you to join us in preserving Mobile County's rich history and heritage through our cemeteries. The larger and older cemeteries have preservations organizations associated with them - Friends of Magnolia, Friends of Catholic, and Friends of Myers Cemetery. Most of the church property cemeteries are cared for by the affiliated church. There is information on this web site concerning the organization of non-profit groups to assist in caring for and preserving cemeteries. We can advise, teach and even assist you in the care and repair of broken stones, vandalism and clean-up. You can make a difference. We and the ACPA are proud to work with the Alabama Historical Commission as well, to see that you get all the information you need to be successful in this undertaking.